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Ipé (pronounced "ee-pay") is a genuine Brazilian hardwood from South America and has a teak-like appearance. It is a 100% clear all-heart product. In its natural state, it is highly resistant to termites, fungus, rot and decay. IPE is a Class A fire rated product and WUI approved. IPE is in a category of its own when it comes to strength and density and will withstand the rigors of heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions. It has been used on the Brooklyn Bridge, Atlantic City Boardwalk among other famous sites due to it's durability. It can be stained to retain the rich warm color of the wood or left natural to turn a silvery gray, which does not alter it structurally. Pre-drilling is generally required but alternative fastening methods are available in stock (i.e. Headcote ProPlug System and Camo-Tool). All fastening must be done using stainless steel. IPE is mainly sold in random lengths from 8' to 20' and is kiln-dried. We stock the most common sizes used in decking; 1 x 6 (3/4" x 5-1/2" actual) and 5/4 x 6 (1" x 5-1/2" actual). We can also get it in 2x and 4x material as well as "1st coat" which comes pre-stained with the first coat of oil so that you don't have to apply it at the jobsite.