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A pergola is a great way to add beauty to your backyard. A pergola is an outdoor feature that can be used for a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area.

Redwood Pergolas

  • The beauty and natural aesthetics of redwood timbers can transform interior and exterior spaces, making it an ideal addition to any outdoor living space.
  • Allweather Wood offers preservative treated lumber and timbers in a range of preservative treatments, and Western species, helping your outdoor oasis dreams become a reality!
  • Redwood is a sustainable and renewable resource and can stand up to the elements of time and weather, and it is naturally resistant to decay, insects, and fire.
  • Allweather Wood, pressure-treated wood, is infused with preservatives deep into the wood fiber, which can protect the wood from insects, decay, fungi and other organisms that seek to break down the wood fiber.