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Apex Decking

                                       Apex™ Capped Bamboo-PVC Composite Decking  







Fortress® decided to push the boundaries of decking with a radical idea and with their Apex™ PVC Decking they reach new heights in value, quality and aesthetics. Fortress® Apex PVC Decking uses a proprietary tri-extrusion process that is able to recreate the beautiful look of tropical hardwoods.

Fortress® Apex PVC Decking's foam core is reinforced with bamboo, making it 45% lighter than traditional composite decking, making it easier to work with. It expands and contracts 25% less than other PVC decking, providing a more consistent, uniform board. Each board is also encapsulated in an acrylic polymer that delivers outstanding UV performance. This means your deck won't fade like other PVC products. And, it provides the highest non-slip rating. Its low-maintenance features and acclaimed natural finishes give you time to relax in a beautiful setting. Its eco-friendly composition and production give you peace of mind, knowing that your decking is just as good for the earth as it is for your personal outdoor space.



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